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Boiler Servicing in Woking | 4 Signs That Show Your Boiler Needs a Service

When was the last time you had your boiler serviced? The current industry standard advises that you service your boiler on an annual basis. Likewise, many boiler manufacturers require boiler servicing on their appliances within 12 months of installation in order to meet the warranty terms. You are then recommended to continue this servicing once a year thereafter.

Whether you’re in Woking, the wider Surrey area or anywhere else in the UK, servicing your boiler remains a key part of a safe, energy efficient home. In addition, regular boiler servicing means you’re far less likely to suffer the stress, disruption and cost associated with a boiler breakdown – and the subsequent repair work.

It’s understandable why you might take your boiler for granted – even more so during the warmer months. What’s more, skipping the odd service might seem like a good way to save a few pounds.

However, this is a dangerous habit to adopt. In reality, you may give small issues ample time to develop into much bigger problems.

In this blog, we look at 4 common signs that show your boiler needs servicing.

Signs Your Boiler Servicing is Due


Put simply, if you ever discover a water leak in or around your boiler, call Woking Plumbing & Heating Ltd immediately. We will send an engineer to your home to provide a fast, effective solution.

Of course, leaks are an obvious sign of faulty boiler operation. But they are also a symptom of even bigger problems in the works. If you don’t book a boiler servicing upon finding a leak, or if you miss one entirely, you could face a string of issues, both with the appliance and beyond. The latter includes water damage and mould problems.

Slow to Heat Up

Have you noticed a drop in your boiler’s performance? If your appliance is taking an increasingly long time to heat up, it’s no longer operating at optimal levels. Needless to say, this represents a problem that will only get worse without professional attention.

Settling for a poorly performing boiler could actually cost you more money in the long-term than undertaking the necessary repairs. With a simple boiler servicing at your Woking home, we can find a more effective solution than just waiting for the appliance to fail.

Strange Noises

Modern boilers have an all but silent operation. In fact, this is one of the reasons why it’s so easy to take them for granted. By extension, this is what makes unusual noises (think hissing and clunking) so concerning.

We strongly advise arranging a service when you first hear these sounds in your Woking home. A rapid response increases the likelihood of simple repair work with minimal disruption. Perhaps more importantly, such work also comes with a smaller bill too.

Poor Energy Efficiency

Are your monthly energy bills increasing? Boiler issues aren’t always physical. Higher-than-usual utility bills often indicate that you need to book in for a boiler servicing. Yes, energy prices could simply rise. But your supplier will likely give fair warning of this.

Unexpected increases, then, point to an inefficient boiler. If you’ve skipped one or more services, there are likely build-ups accumulating inside your appliance. In such cases, your boiler has to use more energy than usual to provide warm water and to heat your Woking property.

Call 07872 908246 to schedule your own annual boiler servicing. We cover all locations in Woking and the surrounding areas.

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