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Central Heating in Woking | Your Guide to Powerflushing

Has your central heating system’s performance changed recently? Are your radiators taking longer to heat up? Or do they have cold spots? No matter the nature of your issue, swift action can help you avoid larger, more costly repair work. Woking Plumbing & Heating Ltd provides an extensive range of services, so we can find the perfect solution to get your system operating at optimal levels again.

In this blog, we look at one of our most popular central heating services: powerflushing. When undertaking this service at your home, our heating engineers focus on your radiators, pipes and boiler.

In short, we use a specialist unit to shoot water through your system at a high speed, removing accumulated dirt, rust, sludge and other debris.

Allowing these substances to build up in your boiler and heating system will eventually lead to blockages and corrosion. In the early stages, your boiler’s efficiency will drop. If left for long enough, the appliance will eventually breakdown, leaving your home without heat or warm water.

Powerflushing | What to Expect

Like all our central heating services, Woking Plumbing & Heating uses state-of-the-art equipment for powerflushing. In this particular case, we use a pumping station. This machine not only removes dirty water and sludge inside your system, it also introduces clean water.

In cases of more severe sludgy build-ups, we usually introduce a chemical solution before connecting the pumping station. This will break down the accumulated sludge, making it easier to shift when the flushing begins.

The flushing process itself involves multiple stages. From start to finish, the service can take anywhere between a few hours to an entire day. Your own situation will depend on the size and condition of the central heating system in your Woking home.

• Step One – First, we flush your entire system in both directions. This takes around 90 minutes. Next, we apply specific attention to any troublesome areas until they run clean. If your radiators are heavily contaminated, we provide a focused service. This might involve use of an ‘agitator’. This hammer-action drill has a tough pad attached to it, allowing it to release stubborn build-ups.

• Step Two – With a cleaned out system, we then apply a chemical neutraliser. Our heating engineers wash this through before carrying out a PH balance test. Too much acidity might cause internal corrosion which could then lead to avoidable repairs.

• Step Three – Finally, we add an ‘inhibitor’ fluid into your system. This limits future sludgy build-ups and helps in the fight against corrosion.

Do You Need a Powerflush?

Various symptoms in and around your Woking home indicate that you need a powerflush service. These include:

• Sludgy, black water inside your central heating system
• An overflowing header tank in your attic
• Radiators that are mostly cold with a hot strip at the top
• A previously efficient system now suffering circulation issues
• A magnet attaching to copper pipes due to iron sludge

We also advise powerflushing your system if you want to install a new boiler but retain your wider heating system.

The Benefits of Powerflushing

Whether you’re in Woking or any of the neighbouring areas, powerflushing delivers the following benefits to your household:

• Greater system reliability
• Better energy efficiency
• Increase in system’s lifespan
• Less noise from boiler and radiators
• Reduced risk of boiler breakdown
• Less chance of central heating repairs

Call 07872 908246 to schedule powerflushing, or any other central heating services, at your Woking property. Our plumbers and heating engineers cover all your needs.

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